Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors

Koalafied would like to thank our sponsors for the 2024 season, Haigh's Chocolates, C&J Accounting, and WHI International.

Their support has allowed us to run the only school-based FRC team in South Australia, providing our students with totally unique experiences and education in engineering at a high school level. Without that support it would've been undoubtedly near-impossible to run our program at this level. 

C&J Accountants and Advisors: 2024 Platinum Sponsor
Haigh's Chocolates: 2024 Gold Sponsor
WHI International: 2024 Gold Sponsor

Why sponsor the team? 

We see Koalafied as an amazing sponsorship opportunity for many companies. 

Koalafied drivers ready to start a match at Southern Cross Regional 2023: sponsorships are presented on our team uniform.

Why do we need sponsors? 

Sponsorships are used to assist in the purchase of cutting-edge parts and technologies used to build our robots, in addition to other costs associated with competing, such as the registration fee. 

Running our robotics team is not without cost– it is simply not possible without the external support of community and industry sponsors. 

If you are interested in sponsoring our team, have any questions or would like to request a presentation from our team, please email teamkoalafied@gmail.com

Our robot, '10-32', featuring our sponsors during a match at 2024 Southern Cross Regional