It is in the spirit of the FRC competition to publish any materials we use in the development of our robot, including CAD, design documents and code. 

We hope that our work helps other teams. If you have any questions or comments about these designs and especially if you use any of them yourself, please get in touch, via or any other channel you find us on.


Team Koalafied uses C++ for programming our robot.

Code for all of our robots is available from our public GitHub repository.

Robot Design & CAD

Since 2022 we have been designing our whole robot in CAD using Onshape. In a good year we even write some design documentation.

2022 Rapid React Robot - Terrance

Onshape, Design Documentation

2023 Charged Up Robot  - Borzoi

Onshape (AUSC 2023 Version)

Onshape (Final/MRT 2023 Version)